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CIR agreement

The Telecom Platform Association accredited research tax credit (CIR) - What does that mean?

The research tax credit (CIR) is a generic measure of support to the research and development of enterprises.

After an application for renewal, the Research Tax Credit (CIR) agreement was again granted to the Telecom Platform Association for 2016-2017-2018.

The Telecom Platform Association is registered on the website of the Ministry of Research as an authorized organization of credit Research tax. So this is an accreditation that guarantees that yhe research activities are eligible CIR.

This CIR accreditation offers the possibility to our users to recover, as research tax credit, or all of the services invoiced by Telecom Platform Association for the work on the platform.

The tax credit is deducted from the income tax owed by the company for the year in which research expenditure took place.

How to benefit?