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H2020 FIESTA - IoT

Federated Interoperable Semantic IoT/cloud Testsbeds and Applications

The main goal of the FIESTA project is to open new horizons in the development and deployment of IoT applications and experiments at an EU (and global) scale, based on the interconnection and interoperability of diverse IoT platforms and testbeds.

The overall concept of FIESTA involves the establishment of a novel experimental infrastructure, which will enable the virtualization, federation and (semantic) interoperability of multiple IoT platforms and testbeds, notably platforms that are administratively and geographically dispersed.

This experimental infrastructure will provide European (IoT) researchers with unprecedented capabilities for designing and conducting experiments, based on the following functionalities:
> Sharing, linking and making easily accessible IoT datasets stemming from different IoT testbeds.
> Executing (vitual) experimental workflows based on data and services from any of the federated testbeds.
> Porting experiments from one IoT testbed/platform to another.

Learn [+] about FIESTA : FIESTA_Fact_Sheet 2015

Learn [+] about FIESTA : FIESTA_IERC_ProjectCard

Access to FIESTA website

Project facts

COORDINATOR: Dr. Martin Serrano, National University of Ireland Galway (Insight)
EXECUTION: From 2015-02-01 to 2018-01-31
EU CONTRIBUTION: 5 132 584 Euro


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Category 1 – Call for experiments:
This category targets proposals for advance and innovative developments in the Internet of Things over the Experimentation as a Service platform and the underlying IoT testbeds that supports the FIESTA-IoT Consortium.

Category 2 – Call for extensions:
In order to enlarge the critical mass of the existing experimentation support capacity offered by the 4 existing FIESTA-IoT testbeds, as well as to probe the interoperability solutions developed within the project, we are seeking new testbeds that can provide datasets and data-streams on the domains of interest of the existing ones. However, testbeds offering extra scenarios (smart agriculture, smart factory, underwater, etc.) will be also considered for inclusion.

Submission deadline: 26th October, at 17:00 Brussels local time

Successful proposals will receive funding, will have guaranteed access to the testbeds and will get dedicated support from the FIESTA-IoT consortium’s partners.

Overall, the project’s experimental infrastructure will provide experimenters in the IoT domain with the following unique capabilities:

> Access to and sharing of IoT datasets in a testbed-agnostic way. FIESTA-IoT will provide researchers with tools for accessing IoT data resources (including Linked sensor data sets) independently of their source IoT platform/testbed.
> Execution of experiments across multiple IoT testbeds, based on a single API for submitting the experiment and a single set of credentials for the researcher.
> Portability of IoT experiments across different testbeds, through the provision of interoperable standards-based IoT/cloud interfaces over diverse IoT experimental facilities.

Testbeds federating within the FIESTA-IoT Meta-Platform will benefit from:

> Boost the sharing, reuse and repurposing of their IoT facilities at an EU and global scale.
> FIESTA IoT project will provide a global market confidence programme for extending the pool of interoperable facilities and testbeds that will comply with the project interoperability model.
> A range of best practices facilitating IoT platform providers and testbed owners/administrators to integrate their platform/testbed within FIESTA IoT

Detailed call information (Open Call calendar, document and proposal template) can be found at the FIESTA-IoT project website.
Any question related to this Open Call or the FIESTA-IoT project in general can be addressed to or to Martin Serrano from the National University of Ireland Galway, coordinator of the FIESTA-IoT project.