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Com4Innov on the road of 5G


Internet of Things

Com4Innov has an open approach on a multifaceted Internet of Things with the ambition to meet the testing needs of actors in various fields of applications: Smart City, Industry 4.0, transport, e-health ...

The IOT / M2M infrastructure of Com4Innov includes the following components:


Central connectivity platform

  • Cloud middleware for federation, transport and storage of information for business applications, gateways and communicating M2M objects,
  • Development API and applications and gateways integration means.

IoT and M2M cellular traffic in a 4G+ network

  • LTE Category M1, suitable for embedded modules
  • NB-IoT, suitable for autonomous objects

IoT and M2M gateways

  • Iot / M2M gateways for the local data gathering from sensors, with eventually a data treatment, and the transfer to the central platform
  • Several types of gateways to answer to the needs and typologies of different deployments based on criteria such as data gathering protocol, the number of sensors to connect, the access network to use
  • Development API and applications and gateways integration mechanisms


  • Library of sensors ready to use - to see the sensors list [+]
  • Polyvalent sensors to interface all kinds of transducers and to test all kinds of short range radio


  • SIGFOX network access
  • Data storage on data center


  • LoRaWAN network server
  • Management system (OSS)
  • geolocation system by triangulation, coming (LoRaWAN v2)

An instance de Orange DatAvenue coming

  • Connection of sensors to applications across the network LoRaWAN deployed by Orange 
  • Realization of tests validation under the same conditions as those encountered in commercial mode


Standards development and testing areas where the corresponding software components are available:

Data Center

  • Data Center via professional partner Tas France