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Com4Innov on the road of 5G


Presentation of Com4Innov Platform

Com4Innov is an environment dedicated to tests and validations, technically closer to the end users infrastructure, accessible throughout the year, providing trace and log files, configurable, with unique skills and technical expertise covering the 4G and Internet of Things.

Com4Innov provides development tools, advanced technology infrastructures deployed in a full-size environment, experiment control and measurement tools, experimentation and demonstration centres, which are forming a converging, dedicated and neutral ecosystem distributed in PACA (France South Eastern) Region.  


  • A dedicated 4G/LTE access network covering several zones with 2 antennas sites in Sophia Antipolis, one antenna site in La Ciotat, and an access to the Monaco Telecom 3G/4G network in Monaco.
  • A full IMS (IP Multimedia subsystem) infrastructure core and applications servers, development and service creation tools, tools for application development on handsets, traffic optimisation gateways, high speed microwave backhaul systems, terminals prototypes and a full library of the latest handsets and other devices.
  • A federated management cloud for M2M/IoT applications, gateways and smart devices, a set of low range/long range network gateways, a deployment test bed environment with remote SIM cards server platform and a traffic simulation tool, an integration tool for wireless sensor and radio technologies, a library of multi technologies sensors and low range radio components.  
  • Experiment control methods and tools for test automation, measurement tools and traffic generation.
  • Experiment centres in Sophia Antipolis and La Ciotat, and at partners’ premises.


Com4Innov Infrastructure