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FIWARE Lab, the open innovation Lab

The FIWARE Lab, launched on 6 September 2013, is a non-commercial sandbox environment where innovation and experimentation based on FIWARE technologies takes place. Entrepreneurs and individuals can make “hands on” the technology as well as test and showcase their applications on the FIWARE Lab, exploiting open data published by cities and other organizations. Several cities are already connected or are currently working on setting up a connection to the FIWARE Lab in order to export their open data in this environment. The FIWARE Lab is deployed over a geographically distributed network of federated nodes.

Com4Innov is one of the several nodes of this european infrastructure.

Extend Future Internet Labs offer for SMEs and service providers’ developers:

> An access to Future Internet Software Libraries (Generic Enablers), testing environment, connectivity, specialized infrastructures, computing and storage capabilities

> Pilots, trials & showcases for sector applications in the Future Internet

> A federated network of 17 high capacity and advanced capabilities nodes that support services and applications development (18 nodes with over 1000+ CPUs in October 2014)

> Level 1 and Level 2 technical support to users available from FIWARE

Throughout this FIWARE Lab, a user / developer will be assigned, on demand, dedicated computing and storage resources to run its specific application while using generic enabler of its choice.

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Quick tour guide for developers

FIWARE provides an enhanced OpenStack-based cloud environment plus a rich set of open standard APIs that make it easier to connect to the Internet of Things, process and analyse Big data and real-time media or incorporate advanced features for user interaction.

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The FIWARE catalogue

The FIWARE Catalogue contains a rich library of components (Generic Enablers) with reference implementations that allow developers to put into effect functionalities such as the connection to the Internet of Things or Big Data analysis, making programming much easier. All of them are public, royalty-free and open source!

By combining them, you can start developing your application right away. Just take a look at our guide and learn which enabler does what or get to know how they can be added to your already working application to add new functionalities. Our library will make your application smarter!

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The purpose of FICORE is to perpetuate FIWARE Lab Federation by assuring its future commercial services.

To do so, Com4Innov and its partner TAS France join together as a consortia to combine the best of their skills to achieve the Open Call requirements.

Between april 2014 and september 201,5 Com4Innov has been one of the existing nodes of the XIFI Federation and has already served FIWARE users. Currently the Sophia-Antipolis2 node is still in use and connected to the FIWARE Lab  Federation. Throughout this project’s duration, Com4Innov has built a comprehensive expertise while integrating the environment in the Federation context. The current Sophia-Antipolis2 node is hosted in the TAS France Data Centre.  Com4Innov supported FIWARE Generic Enablers in his Telecom Network environment . Consequently, this FIWARE Lab environment is now closely coupled with the full set of Com4Innov LTE/IMS/RCS and M2M/IoT infrastructure and services.

The consortia Com4Innov / Tas France will provide the FI-PPP community with enhanced, secure and reliable FIWARE Lab services that will benefit from the exclusive Com4Innov infrastructure and set of services combined with the capabilities of TAS France Data Center which is already serving hundreds of clients in the IT and virtualisation services domain.

Since few months EGM which was participating to FICORE since the beginning is coaching the preparation of the commercial opening. 

The objective is to extend and strengthen the infrastructure offering Future Internet type of services to the community of start-ups, web entrepreneurs’ and other SMEs.

The opening of a commercial service supported by the 3 partners will be effective on October 1st with : 

  • Upgrade and maintain the Open Stack based environment
  • Set-up the Open Stack instances and their related monitoring tools enhancing the services and complying with the federation evolution
  • Work on the computing infrastructure to strengthen the overall service availability
  • Train and develop the technical resource
  • Continue to extend FIWARE lab’s geographical coverage and promote FIWARE Lab, FIWARE Generic Enabler to Com4Innov and TAS France users’ community and to the overall ecosystem
  • Further enrich Com4Innov and TAS France commercial offer by using FIWARE enablers wherever it is possible.
  • Extend the access of the whole technical infrastructure and added value services to FIWARE Lab and FI-PPP program users

By combining Com4Innov, Tas France and EGM expertises, an exclusive and unique tool will be accessible by European' players on the market.

Several domains are targeted with appropriate solutions for Water management, Transport, Service location and much more.