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Com4Innov on the road of 5G


Research & Innovation Projects

The operational team of Com4Innov integrated projects since its launch:

  • European projects

European projects (PF7, IERC, 2020 ...) represent the opportunity to integrate projects with an international dimension. The participation of one or more foreign partners provides exposure to the constraints that exist to access the European market. The contacts established during these projects are an opportunity to confront new methods and to establish partnership relations.

The European projects also represent an alternative to national and regional funding schemes in terms of financing of R&D with large budgets in general.

  • Collaborative projects such as FUI (Unified Interministerial Fund)

The Com4Innov platform is itself the result of a call to Platform project, launched by the DGCIS and labeled by the SCS Cluster in 2011.

Com4Innov is involved in many projects with the support of the SCS Cluster, either as a consortium partner (Elastic Network) or as provider (LTE Now, Smart 4G Tablet, WLBOX-4G, 4G Invitro).

In national projects, collaboration is applied directly to products that partners are looking to spread on their market.