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Emergency call in IMS:

IMS (IP Multimedia System) is a standardized architecture to provide multimedia services to the infrastructure of network operators. With LTE, or 4G, IMS platform can support a whole range of new services such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE), the video, the instant messaging, file transfer... but must also support or emulate historical services such as SMS, USSD services but also the emergency call.

As part of an emergency call in IMS infrastructure enables:
- Managing the priority of the call to ensure that an emergency call is established in all circumstances,
- The enrichment of messages with the ability to add information about the nature of the call (Police, Ambulance, Fire ..) when the call is initiated,
- The establishment of a voice call over LTE with quality of service (QoS) corresponding,
- The caller location

This same infrastructure could help in the future sending video, exchange instant messages, sending language information of the caller ....

To respond to the standardization of application defined by the European Union concerning the improvement of smartphone applications to support 112 and support at best the caller location and the addition of multimedia features, the ETSI ( European Telecommunication Standard Institute) initiated a working group on the 112 NG (Next Generation 112) and organized in partnership with the EENA (European Emergency Number Association) the first NG112 PlugTest which Com4Innov participated as the first platform to support IMS emergency call.


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